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Proximate Nutrients in Selected Forage & Diet Composition of Adult Elephants

Are we dulling bird calls?

Silent Spring, spurring the interest of conservationists, industrialists and the general public, was one of the most influential books in recent history. Here, Rachel Carson, signaled the devastating impacts of chemical pesticides on birds, apparent through drastic population declines. Ill-effects of pollution continue to take a heavy toll on integral biotic components in the most [...]

FOGSL, University of Colombo unravels the mysterious migratory journeys of enigmatic waterbirds of Sri Lanka

Part 03: The Himalayan Crossing of Brown-headed Gulls (Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus) – 2022 It is with great excitement that we announce the second Himalayan crossing of a tagged bird of our CAF migration tracking project in Sri Lanka. After witnessing the trans-Himalayan crossing of our first tagged Brown-headed Gull (Hima Kumari) last year, we have just [...]

The agricultural symbol of Sri Lanka for global recognition

“We explored the unseen nutritional world of Sri Lankan rice varieties with a positive impact of cultivation seasonal variation” Every person needs to get a nutritional and healthy diet for their growth and development. But, in present nutritional properties or dietary requirements is being decreased from the main diet due to various anthropogenic activities. Rice […]

Towards a Greener Future in Sri Lankan Export Agriculture

With the progress gained by humans in their civilization, many important landmark achievements were made and all these contributed for humans to become the dominant species on this earth. However, with the beginning of industrial revolution which was one of the turning points of human history, some adverse impacts of development also came into existence [...]

Novel Polyherbal Formulation with Rapid Skin Repair Potential

Invention selected by WIPO EIE programme - to be mentored by University of Oxford Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It harbors a wide range of “stem cell niches” which help maintain skin stability. Stem cells are the raw material that make and maintain the human body, with their inherent ability to [...]

A Healthy Glass of Water Against the Silent Killer

"We are trapped between kidney diseases and day-to-day income" A common yet despairing phrase among individuals, particularly in North Central Sri Lanka. Some of them might not know that the water they drink is contaminated with inorganic species such as heavy metals and fluoride, which is considered hazardous in many parts of the world. Chronic [...]

A microbial bio-fertilizer to replace 50% urea usage in rice

Rice is a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. To obtain required rice yields sufficient to feed the increasing world population, with the challenge of decreasing arable lands, increased productivity needs to be aimed at. Specified amounts of inorganic fertilizers containing three major nutrients N, P, K are therefore being added [...]