Biotechnology Research Laboratory

About Us

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology are the global trends towards development in medicine, agriculture, livestock, food industry, waste management etc, and has contributed much towards the growing public and global needs for better living. The biotechnology laboratory of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Colombo takes pride in contributing to this development by nurturing young individuals to become successful personals in the fields of Molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology.

The major objectives of the molecular biology and biochemistry undergraduate program conducted by the Department of Chemistry, commenced in 2006, is to help students to develop their creative potential and to prepare them for careers in research, teaching and industry in the biochemical sciences. The courses are designed to develop independent thought as well as broad knowledge and technical skills, through formal and informal courses, laboratory experience, seminars, individual study, and, foremost, through original research that forms the basis for the student’s thesis or dissertation. The research intensive course work offered at the final year (4th year) of the undergraduate studies, aids in excellent preparation for post-graduate studies. The students participate in cutting-edge research on a variety of topics and publish their work in some of the best peer-reviewed journals in the world.

The doctoral programs offered by the Department of Chemistry are diverse and touches many different areas of molecular biology and biotechnology. The major goal of the doctoral program is to provide outstanding educational opportunities and a broad knowledge in the various aspects of modern biochemistry and molecular biology. During the period of study, the students acquire in-depth knowledge of their field of study and also cultivate critical and analytical thinking.


To be a center of excellence in the field of biotechnology by providing the best possible education to the next generation of scientists through research, teaching, mentoring, and service.