Prof. M.S. Samantha Weerasinghe


Department of Chemistry
University of Colombo
Colombo 00300
Sri Lanka

Office: Department of Chemistry, Room: 304
Work Phone: +94 11-250 3367
Work Fax: +94 11-250 3367

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Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • PhD 1992

    PhD - Physical Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA

  • BSc 1984

    BSc (Special degree) in Chemistry

    University of Colombo


      • Computer Applications in Chemistry
      • Molecular simulation methods
      • Molecular Spectroscopy
      • Statistical Thermodynamics
      • Chemical Kinetics
      • Molecular Symmetry

      Research Interests

      • Main focus is to understand the macroscopic properties of chemical systems by studying molecular interactions in the microscopic level. When it comes to molecular level, the basic differences in various disciplines of science (chemistry, physics, biology etc.) often disappear and most of the phenomena could be understood by considering fundamental molecular interactions. This understanding led to develop a molecular mechanics force field (KBFF) and a web based information system (slflora) of chemical compounds of Sri Lankan flora.