Research interests

  • Population Ageing
  • Family Studies
  • Migration
  • Population and Development
  • Regional Development

Research Experiences and Other Related Activities

  • Member of the research team for Tsunami Recovery Impact Assessment and Monitoring System (TRIAMS) funded by UNDP, 2007
  • Member of the research team for Right Based Intervention Programme( Rebuilding project in Tsunami affected areas2006/2007, Funded by Asian Development Bank/ Ministry of Justice and Law Reforms
  • Member of the research team for identifying suitable industrial development Project, Industrial Development Authority, Western Province 2007
  • Member of the research team for the study on Humanitarian Aid and Conflicts, funded by Oxfam America 2006.
  • A Consultant of an ILO Project on “Divisional Livelihood Development Plans in Tsunami Affected Districts”.(Trincomalle, Batticaloa and Galle Districts”. 2006 Funded by RADA/ILO
  • Member of the research team on “ The tsunami response by government agencies at the sub national level in the selected districts”, Funded by Norwegian institute for Urban and Regional Research, 2006
  • Member of the research team that wrote the report on ‘Peoples Consultation on Post-Tsunami Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, Sri Lanka“, CUCEC, UNDP, DRMU, Human Rights Commission 2005.
  • Member of the research team “How do Sri Lankan Institutions Respond to Relief and Rehabilitation after the Tsunami? A Study of the Interface Between National and International Institutions in Selected Districts”, Funded by Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, 2005
  • Co-investigator Preparation of Five-Year Development Plan for the North-WesternProvince: 2005-2009, Sri Lanka
  • Research Report on Study, Verification and Evaluation of Price Mechanism and Trade Practice in Operation Dambulla and Meegoda Whole Sale Markets, Submitted to the Rural Economy Resuscitation Trust Fund, Ministry of Rural Economy, Jan 2004
  • Research Assistant: Bibliography, Literature of Hambantota Integrated Rural Development Programme: Development Studies Institute, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka July 2002
  • Baseline Survey, Mahakubukkadawala D.S. Division, North Western Province, UC-JICA Joint study Project on Participatory Rural Development, 2002
  • Conducted Gender Training Programmes for the villages (North-Western Province) – 2003
  • Training Programme for new Facilitators on Project Cycle Management- January 2005

Unpublished Thesis

PhD Thesis

  • Ageing and Changing Role of the Family in Sri Lanka

MPhil Thesis

  • Impact of Tsunami Disaster on Demography of Sri Lanka

BA Dissertation

  • Family Planning and Reproductive Health: A Sociological Study