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Inclusive Education and Teaching-Learning Process

Book Chapters
Senarath, S., R.D.C. Niroshini, K.H. Yapa
Education Prathiba (Vol 12.  pp10-29) Faculty of Education, University of Colombo ISBN 978-955-0460-31-1
Publication year: 2020

Psychological Factors Affecting Suicide and Counselling Intervention

Book Chapters
S. Senarah, N. Wijewardenea, C. RathnaMalala, , D. Athruliya
Suicide- Cause Analysis and Counselling (Vol 18, pp102-128) published by Professional Counselling Service Association, Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education. ISBN 978-955-703-060-9
Publication year: 2019

Teacher Knowledge about the Dyslexia in Sri Lanka

Book Chapters
Senarath, S
Pages 37-45
Publication year: 2016

Disaster Aid Activities in Tsunami and Earthquake Affected Regions of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India.

Book Chapters
Witruk, E., Senarath, S., & von Lieres, S.
Pages 369-397
Publication year: 2010