• Unani clinical medicine - Fundamentals of unani treatment, Dermatology, Fevers
  • Unani clinical medicine - Theory and practical
  • Modules 1,2,4,5& 8 Theory and practical
  • Level III- Basic principles of Unani Treatment Theory and practical
  • Level IV – practical
  • Level V – Dermatology - Theory and practical
  • Hummiyat (Fevers) - Theory and practical

Teaching History

Due to dearth of lecturers, I have conducted lectures of following subjects from first year to final year students after promoted to senior lecturer Grade

Ilmul advia (Fundamentals of Materia medica) 1st. BUMS

Dawa sazi (Pharmacy) 2nd. BUMS

Urdu Language (Text reading)   1st & 2nd. BUMS

Kulliyat –e- Ilaj (Fundamental of Treatment) 3rd. BUMS

Moalejat- Hummiyat, Amraze Meda vo Ama’a

(medicine-fevers & Gastroenterology)    4th. BUMS

Moalejat– (Medicine) – Rheumatology & Dermatology 5th. BUMS

Ilmul Jarahat (surgery)    5th. BUMS