• present2013

    Member of the Board of Regents (UGC nominee)

    National Council for Advancement of Science, Sri Lanka

  • 20142013

    Subject Specialist

    Curriculum Development in International Studies, Faculty of Social Science, University of Kelaniya

  • 20062005

    Deputy Coordinator

    Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education, Ministry of Higher Education and University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka


  • end2015

    Country Expert (Sri Lanka)

    Varieties of Democracy Project, University of Gottenburg, Sweden

  • present2010

    Research Scholar

    Institute of Peace Science, Hiroshima University (IPSHU), Japan

  • 20132011

    Board member

    Academic Board for Social Sciences, South Asia University, New Delhi, India

  • present2012

    Advisory Board member

    University of Gunpat, Gujarat, India

  • 20132011

    International Research Committee member

    Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS)

  • 20122011

    Japan Foundation Fellow

    Peace Science Research Center of Hiroshima University, Japan

  • end2009

    Visiting Scholar

    Graduate School of International Development Cooperation (IDEC) University of Hiroshima, Japan

  • 20042003

    Fulbright Senior Research Fellow

    Center for the Study of War and Society, University of Tennessee, Tennessee, USA