Dr. D C Kuruppu graduated in BSc Degree with Honours and received her post graduate qualification: MPhil degree in Chemistry, from University of Ruhuna. She has joined as a Demonstrator and continued as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, University of Ruhuna till June 1991.

Dr. D C Kuruppu joined the library, University of Colombo as an Assistant Librarian in 1991 and served to the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine and promoted as Senior Assistant Librarian Gr. II / Senior Assistant Librarian Gr.I in 1997, 2003 respectively. Merit promotion was received as the Deputy Librarian in the University of Colombo in 2007. Hereafter, she serves as Deputy Librarian and has officiated as the Acting Librarian of University of Colombo on many occasions: November 2007 – October 2008; October 2011 – February 2014; and April 2018 – up to now.

As a pre-requisite for her promotion, she obtained M.Sc degree in Information Management from the University of Sheffield, UK, in 1997. She continued her studies on one of her major research interesting areas and obtained PhD Degree in Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.

During Dr. Kuruppu’s tenure in the Faculty of Medicine, she works as National Focal Point Librarian of Health Literature, Library and Information Science (HeLLIS) Network in Sri Lanka and the Activity Manager of this project. She has organized and conducted fellowship program for Bangladesh and Nepal personnel and coordinated international study tour programs for health science librarians in Sri Lanka through the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization in each biennium’s from 2002 up to now.

Dr. Kuruppu has been worked with various positions and has received awards at the undergraduate level and nationally. Her contributions to the field of Library and Information science would be highlighted as a lecturer; examiner, reviewer and the Editor. At her First degree, she has received Martin Wickramasinghe Memorial Prize as the Best Student in BSc Degree and her PhD research Project was recognized as one of the best innovative research project and awarded certificate of Excellence by the National Cancer Control Programme, Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine in 2018.

Her expertise includes Information needs, Information seeking behavior, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Dissemination, Information sharing Network, etc. She has research articles in local and internationally reputed journals.

Dr. Kuruppu has spent more than 27 years of her life in the ‘University of Colombo’ and her commitment and dedication to upgrade the library network by executing Integrated Library Management System; to strengthen the services of all health science libraries in the country; and to provide the information for medical and health science professionals and para-professionals in the country as well as in the South East Asian Region.

Qualifications, Fellowships and Certifications

  • PhD


    Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Colombo

  • MSc.

    MSc in Information Management

    University of Sheffield, UK

  • MPhil

    MPhil in Chemistrty

    University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

  • BSc

    BSc Degree

    University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

Acting Librarian

  • Now

    Acting Librarian

    Library, University of Colombo