Key contributions to the institutional and national development (leishmaniasis and other)

  1. Conducted the first detailed study on the subject in Sri Lanka, holds the first PhD on leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka.
  2. Established the first island wide diagnostic laboratory, research laboratory, in-vitro cultivation techniques and PCR techniques necessary for diagnosis and research on leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka through Commonwealth doctoral scholarship training obtained from University of Liverpool, School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, UK.
  3. Established and conducts the weekly leishmaniasis patient evaluation and free island wide diagnostic service of the University of Colombo over 18 years.
  4. Obtained several research grants to develop expertise and infra-structure along with research.
  5. Proposed, designed and conducts the technical officer training course on laboratory diagnosis of leishmaniasis in the University of Colombo for government technical officers.
  6. Serves national committees on leishmaniasis.
  7. Proposed, initiated and conducts an academic mentoring program initiative for Sri Lankan Universities, for the first time in Sri Lanka.
  8. Proposed, initiated and conducts first Sri Lankan study on needs of young academics in Sri Lankan Universities for the first time in Sri Lanka.