Dr. Jeyasingam Jeyasugiththan


Department of Nuclear Science
University of Colombo
Colombo 00300
Sri Lanka

Office: Department of Nuclear Science
Email jeyasugiththan@nuclear.cmb.ac.lk

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • PhD 2014

    PhD - Medical Physics

    Department of Physics, University of Cape Town, South Africa

  • MSc 2006

    MSc - Medical Physics

    University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

  • BSc 2001

    BSc (Hon) in Physics

    University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka


  • Radiotherapy Physics (MSc/BSc)
  • Physics of Nuclear Medicine (MSc/BSc)
  • Radiation Physics and Dosimetry (MSc)
  • Physics of Diagonostic Radiology (MSc/BSc)
  • Medical Physics (BSc)
  • Basic Electronics (BSc)
  • Using Monte Carlo codes to develop a prompt gamma imaging (PGI) device for real-time 3D dosimetry.
  • Development of a Monte Carlo model of external beam radiotherapy instruments.
  • Investigating the use of prompt gamma radiation produced during proton therapy for real-time¬†treatment verification.
  • Image reconstruction for Compton camera.

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