Organizational/Administrative Experience & Other Duties as an Academic

  • Director – Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies (CCIS) University of Colombo (Nov. 2011- Oct. 2013 & Jan. 2015 – )
  • Actg. Director – Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies ( Nov. 2013 – Dec. 2014)
  • Founder Co-ordinator – MA in Sinhala Program, University of Colombo (2011-todate)
  • Co-ordinator – Programme on Sinhala language and Culture for Two Chinese Scholars – conducted by the Department of Sinhala (November 2009 – 2010)
  • Academic Warden – Kithyakara Men’s Hostel, University of Colombo (2011)
  • Student Counsellor (Permanent) – Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo (2010-2011).
  • Activity Co-ordinator – Social and Intercultural Harmony Program, IRQUE Project University of Colombo (2005 -2006)
  • Associate Course Coordinator – Diploma in Journalism Program (English Medium) University of Colombo (From 1999- 2004)
  • Member – Abstract Review Committee of Faculty of Arts International Conference 2014, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.
  • Member – Organizing Committee ‘The Commonwealth of the Future: A Visionary and Bold Leadership from Sri Lanka’ organized by the UGC, 26th Nov. 2013
  • Member – Academic Committee, Staff Development Centre, University of Colombo (2011-)
  • Member – Board of Study in Labour Education, Institute of Workers’ Education, University of Colombo (2005 – 2006)
  • Member Steering Committee – Diploma in Journalism Program, University of Colombo (1998 to 2006)
  • Member – Internal Quality Assurance Committee of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo (2011)
  • Faculty Representative – Academic Committee, Staff Development Centre, University of Colombo (2012)
  • Student Counsellor (Temporary) – Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo (From 1999-2002 & 2005).
  • Senior Treasurer – Sinhala Society, University of Colombo (From 1999 to 2005)
  • Senior Treasurer – Faculty of Arts Students’ Union, University of Colombo (2005).
  • Assistant Secretary – Arts Faculty Teachers’ Association (AFTA) (2010-2011)
  • Assistant Secretary – Faculty Centre, University of Colombo (2010-2011)
  • Member – Faculty of Arts, Web Team-University of Colombo (Created the Department of Sinhala web-site)
  • Member – Library Committee, Institute of Workers’ Education, University of Colombo (2001-2003)
  • Member – Rabindranath Tagore 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration Committee, University of Colombo, High Commission of India & Indian Cultural Centre (2011)
  • Member – Organizing Committee of the Faculty of Arts Research Symposium (2010)

Consultancies (National/Internatioanl Level)

  • Examiner Responsible for Sinhalese – International Baccalaureate Organization (UK) Limited (2015-)
  • Member – Scientific Committee of HETC Symposium 2014 – HETC Project, Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Member – Editorial Board for the Compilation of Official Language Proficiency Textbooks for Public Servants – Department of Official Languages (2014)
  • Member – Glossary Committe on Social Work – National Institute of Social Development (2014)
  • Member – Advisory Board – Compilation of a Sinhala Usage Manual for Educational Publications Department (2013)
  • Member – Glossary Committee on Linguistics – Official Languages Department (2010 – )
  • Editorial Consultant – IRQUE Newsletter (IRQUE NEWS) Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE)
    Project, Ministry of Education (2005-2006 Mar.)
  • Chief Examiner (Sinhala) – G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination – 2011 -2014 (Department of Examinations)
  • Consultant – Tri lingual Dictionary Project – Official Languages Department (2005-2006 March)
  • Member – Review Expert Group for Language Interface Pack (LIP) for Windows 7 and Office 2010 – ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (2010)
  • Member –Local Language Requirements Working Group – ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (2005 – to present)
  • Member – Advisory Boardon Children’s Programme of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) (2011 -)
  • Member – Editorial Board New Edition of Malalasekara English-Sinhala Dictionary, Project conducted by the M.D. Gunasena Ltd. Colombo (2011 -2012)
  • Member – Editorial Board of ‘Samskruti’ journal – Samskruti Prakasana (2010-2011).
  • Manuscript Reviewer – Sri Lanka National Library Services and Documentation Centre, Colombo (2005- )
  • Member- Language Planning & Development Committee – Official Languages Department (2003)
  • Member- Advisory Council for Diploma in Translation- Official Languages Department, Sri Lanka (2003)
  • Member – Glossary Committee for Media Terms, Journalism Unit, University of Colombo (2003)
  • Member – Amavatura Edition Project (in collaboration with Pracina Bhashopakara Samitiya & Department of Sinhala, University of Colombo) (2003-2004).
  • Member – Sinhala Literary Panel – Department of Cultural Affairs (2001)
  • External Reviewer – National Science Foundation (NSF), Research Projects on Social Sciences (2002).
  • Member – Curriculum Committee, Western Campus of University of Colombo (presently Sri Pali Campus) (1997)
  • Resource Person for Department of Official Languages – Workshop on Corporate Plan for 2012 (2011-12-17)
  • Resource Person for Sri Lanka Press Council for the compilation of a brochure on Sinhala Journalists for the Deyata Kirula National Exhibition – 2011.
  • Resource Person for Sri Lanka Foundation (SLFI) – Strengthening the Research Arm of the SLFI, 2011
  • Resource Person for Educational Publications Department – Session on Improving the Quality of Sinhala Text books, 22-25th February 2011
  • Resource Person – Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS) (2012 -2013)

Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Guest Lectures

Presented a paper on ‘ Origin of Sinhala and Kalinga – Lanka Linguistic Affinities’ International Seminar on KalingaLanka:
Reviving Old Linkages and Exploring New Opoortunities 6-7
th November 2015, Utkal University,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
 Presented a paper on ‘Martin Wickremasinghe’s Contribution to Sinhala Jouranlsim’ 125th Birth Anniversary Seminar
on Martin Wickremasinghe, organized by the Martin Wickremasinghe Trust. Department of Natioanl Archives,
Colombo, 29th May 2015.
 Presented a Paper on ‘W. A. Silva: Newspapers and Periodicles’ 125th Birth Anniversary Seminar on W.A.Silva
organized by the Department of Sinhala & W.A.Silva Foundation, University of Colombo, 10th February 2015.
 Presented a Paper on ‘Beyond Silk: Languages along the Silk Road’ Seminar on 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
organized by Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies, 7th November 2014.
 Moderator – Symposium on ‘Anagarika Dharmapala and India – Sri Lanka Relations’ organized by the Centre for
Contemporary Indian Studies (CCIS), University of Colombo, 24th Sep. 2014.
 Resource Person – Soft Skills Workshop for Undergraduates, HETC Project, 13th Sept. 2014.
 Panelist – ‘ Reflection, Research and Innovation: New Horizons in English Language Studies Research’ Symposium
on English Language Studies, organized by ELTU, University of Colombo, 11th July 2014.
9 | P a g e
 Presented a paper on ‘ Rabindranath Tagore and Sri Lankan Personalities’ International Conference on “
Interactions: Tagore and Global/Local Personalities” organized by Rabindra Bhavana , Visva Bharati, Santiniketan,
India, 21 -24th March 2014
 Presented a paper on ‘G. B. Senanayake’s Vision on Sinhala Language’ G.B. Senanayake Birth Centenary Symposium
organized by the Department of Sinhala, University of Colombo, 15th July 2013.
 Presented a paper on ‘Role of Linguistic Culture in Reconciliation’ National Conference on the Role of Arts and
Culture in Reconciliation organized by the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic
Studies, Colombo 16th May 2013.
 Presented a Paper on ‘Language Question in Colonial Sri Lanka: Revisiting Coomaraswamy’s ideas’ Ananda
Coomaraswamy: Memorial Conference on Asian Art & Culture organized by Centre for Asian Studies, University of
Kelaniya. 8-9
th September 2012.
 Presented a Paper titled ‘ Tagore’s Visits to Sri Lanka: Revisited’ One Day Seminar on Tagore and Sri Lanka organized
by the Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo, 12th June 2012.Panelist – Panel on Martin Wickremasinghe: His Life and Legacy – Galle Literary Festival 2012-01-19
 Presented a paper titled ‘ Tagore in Sri Lanka: Travels, Translations & Impact’ International Conference on Life and
Legacy of Rabindranath Tagore – organized by the Indian Embassy in Vietnam, 9-10 November 2011 Melia Hotel,
Hanoi, Vietnam.
 Presentation on ‘How to Complete your PhD’ Workshop on Doing Research for Advancement of Knowledge
organized by the NCAS, Colombo 28th October 2011
 Presented a paper titled ‘Linguistic tolerance and diversity: A Study of Tamil Words in Sinhala’ 9
th International
Language and Development Conference 17-19th October, Hotel Galadari Colombo
 Presented a Research Paper titled ‘Gandhi and Lanka: Some Thoughts on the Language Issue’ – Sri Lanka at the Cross
Roads of History conference organized by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
(CRASSH) University of Cambridge, UK 3-4
th June 2011.
 Presented paper titled ‘Role of Martin Wickremasinghe in Sinhala Journalism’ Martin Wickremasinghe – 121st Birth
Anniversary Symposium jointly organized by the Martin Wickremasinghe Trust and the Department of Sinhala,
University of Colombo. 26th May 2011.
 Chairperson – 4
th Annual Research Conference of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (RASL), 25-26th March 2011.
 Presentation on ‘Sinhala- Tamil Language Contact Situation’ at the Launching of A Dictionary of Tamil Words in
Sinhala co-authored by Sandagomi Coperahewa & Sarojini Arunachalam ) University of Jaffna, 16th March 2011.
 Presentation on ‘ Selection of a Possible Research Topic’ – Research Essay Workshop, MA in International Relations,
University of Colombo, Senate Hall, 6th Feb. 2011.
 Presentation on ‘How to Effectively complete your PhD’ , workshop organized by the NCAS , Colombo, 2010-10-8
 Chairperson, Workshop on ‘Historical Methods’ organized by the American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies’, 19-20th
Aug. 20101. Galle Face Hotel, Colombo.

 Paper Presented for Symposium on ‘Languaging in Sri Lanka: Varieties, Policies and Practices’ organized by the
Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, 8th January 2010, Renuka Hotel, Colombo. Title: Medium of Instruction Policies
and the Question of Bilingualism, 1900-1948
10 | P a g e
 Presented a Paper titled ‘Sinhala-only Policy Revisited’ to Workshop on Perspectives on Sri Lanka’s Historiography’
organized by American Institute of Lankan Studies (AILS) September 10-11, 2009. Galle Face Hotel. Colombo.
 Paper presented for Annual Research Sessions, Faculty of Arts, 2009, University of Colombo. Title: Colonialism and
problems of Language Policy: the Formulation of a Colonial Language Policy in Sri Lanka.
 Paper presented for Workshop on Colonial Cultures, University of Warwick, UK, 1st July 2008. Colonialism and
Language in Sri Lanka.
 Cumaratunga Munidasa Memorial Lecture – 2
nd March 2008, organized by the Hela Havula, Colombo.
 Paper presented for World History Workshop Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, 12th May 2007. Title:
“History of Language and Politics of Linguistic Identity: The Indo-Aryan and Dravidian Debate in Sri Lanka”.
 Participated – Workshop for Senior Treasures of University Societies conducted by the Staff Development Centre
(SDC), University of Colombo, 8th December 2005. Colombo: SDC.
 Paper presented for The Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka, Monthly Lecture, 31st October 2005. Title: “Language
Contact and Linguistic Area: Sinhala – Tamil Contact Situation”
 Participant – Workshop on “Reconceptualizing Humanities and Social Science Education for National Productivity”,
28 – 29th October 2005, Le Kandyan Hotel, Kandy – organized by the IRQUE Project.
 Presentation on IRQUE work – Workshop on Greater Employability of Arts Graduates, 26th October 2005, BMICH –
organized by the IRQUE Project, Ministry of Education.
 Presenter – Seminar on “Understanding Culture: Towards Peace in Sri Lanka” 24th February 2005, Sri Lanka
Foundation Institute: Colombo.
 Participant – Second Postgraduate Conference in Language Research, 19th March 2004, University of Cambridge, UK.
 Presented a paper for the Annual Research Sessions, Faculty of Arts, 2003, University of Colombo. Title: “Language
Contact and Areal Correlations: A Study of Tamil Words in Sinhala”.

Professional Memberships & Societies

  • Member – The Consortium for Language Policy and Planning (University of Pennsylvania, USA – an unincorporated association of a number of research universities, advocacy bodies, and other scholars interested in issues of language policy and planning).
  • Life Member – The Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka

Skills & Interests

  • Languages – Sinhala (native), fluent English (second language), learning Tamil
  • IT – Regular use of Word, PowerPoint, email and web familiarity Travelling to archaeological sites and photography.