Research Interests

  • Statistical modelling
  • Model diagnostics
  • Data Visualization
  • Sports Statistics

Ongoing projects

  • W.M.L. Dilini (registration in 2012) Forecasting the HydroelectricGenerationCapacity of Cascaded Reservoir System in MahaweliRiver Basins: A Statistical Approach based upon the Variations in Reservoir Water Levels(Co-supervision)
  • K.A.D. Deshani (registration in 2012) Data-Driven Demand-Response Optimization to Improve Sustainable Electricity Consumption in Sri Lanka (Co-supervision)

Research and Consultancy

Special Degree Undergraduate Level & MSc Projects Have supervised (and co-supervised) around 15 research projects during the past 5 years, and one of these student projects had won the best project award at the convocation.

Dr (Ms) MDT Attygalle was awarded a Collaborative Research Grant from the University of Colombo in 2011 worth Rs. 2,899,500.00 for the research project titled ‘Economical Strategy for the Future Power Generation Procedure in Sri Lanka’ in which she has been working as the Principal Investigator in the year 2013 as well. This project is conducted in collaboration with Dr Liwan Liyanage, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Western Sydney.