Research Interests

  • Statistical Modeling
  • Survey and Sampling
  • Data Linkage
  • Longitudinal Model
  • Imputation

Undergraduate Research

  • Modelling the Sector of the Employment of Arts Graduate(supervisor):2022

  • Synthetic data generation using multiple imputations (supervisor):2022
  • Recommending offers to the forecasted downgrading customer(supervisor):2021
  • Modelling Recurrent event data: an Application in Graduate Employment (supervisor) :2020
  • Modelling waiting time for the first employment of Arts Graduates Using Machine Learning Approach (supervisor):2020
  • Impact of using Sampling weight on Data Analysis from Large Surveys (Co-supervisor):2020
  • Identification of Risk Factors Involved in Traffic accidents in Colombo Division using machine learning Techniques (supervisor):2020
  • A Study on Sector of Employment and Salary of Science Graduands of Sri Lanka (Co-supervisor):2017
  • Airline Ticket Allocation Optimization through Revenue Management      (Co-supervisor):2016
  • Predicting Employability of University Graduands of Sri Lanka: A Machine Learning Approach (Co-supervisor):2015
  • A study on comparing University Graduands and SLIATE diploma holders (supervisor):2015