Research interests

  • Studies on photovoltaic and gas sensing semiconductor thin films
  • magnetic thin films
  • semiconductor and metal thin film interfaces
  • Study of properties at nano and bulk scale
  • Structural studies of metal complexes in supercritical solutions
  • mechanically milled powder interfaces
  • Experience in Synchrotron radiation techniques: X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (XAFS)
  • X-ray reflectivity (XRR)
  • X-ray diffraction (XRD); Experience in Electron microscopy (TEM and SEM)
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • Experience in preparation of thin films using thermal deposition
  • electrochemical deposition and electron beam evaporation and powders using mechanical milling

Editorial work

  • Member Editorial Board – Sri Lankan Journal of Physics