• February 1974 – June 1974. Research Assistant on the project “Control of
    wildboar (Sus scrofa) at the Kantale sugar Plantation” National Science council Grant (2/RG/72/37). Supervisor Prof. B.A.Baptist /Faculty of Agriculture, Peradeniya
  • 1976-1977. Studies on the Free flying Bird Colony, and the birds in the Open aviary, at the Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka
  • 1978-1979. Ecological Studies of the Ruhuna National Park – University of Aberdeen/University of Colombo.
  • 1977-1981. Some aspects of Behaviour and Feeding Ecology of Rose-ringed
    Parakeet (Psittacula krameril) at Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. (Doctoral thesis research). Research grant from NARESA – RG/77/10
  • Survey of the Habitats, Flora & Fauna in the Mahaweli Accelerated
    Development Areas (System B,C &A) as part of the Environment Impact Assessment
  • 1980-1984. Study on the impact of logging on the endemic vertebrate fauna at the
    Sinharaja MAB reserve (presently Wilderness Heritage site), and Faunal survey in the Western sector of the forest reserve
  • 1984. Habitat survey for Conservation Action – Victoria Inundation Area, and Kotmale Inundation and catchment
  • 1984. Reconnaissance survey of the Arukkattana Cave, at Kirthi Bandarapura. Randenigala
  • 1984 Vegetational changes in the Udawalawe National Park. NARESA grant (Grant No:RG/82/11).
  • 1984-1986. Avifaunal studies at the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. NARESA grant (Grant No:RG/83/14).
  • 1985. Survey of Randenigala reservoir catchment for the demarcation of the Wildlife Sanctuary boundary. Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka
  • 1986. Distribution of trees on the Kalawawe reservoir bund for protection. Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka
  • 1986- 1989. Distribution of the avifauna on a 10 KM sq grid system. Zoological Survey of Sri Lanka. NARESA grant (SAREC/11/ZSSL/5).
  • 1986. Ecology & Social Behaviour of the Western Purple –faced Leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus vetelus nestor). Co-grantee NARESA MAB/85/01.
  • 1988. Fauna of the Aquaculture Sites from Negambo to Puttalam and their impact
  • 1988. An ecological survey of a secondary scrub forest in Olaboduwa Estate, Horana
  • 1994- onwards. Feeding Ecology of mixed-species flocks at Sinharaja.
  • 1996. Ranging Behaviour and ecology of Elephants in South-eastern Sri Lanka for conservation and management. GEF grant awarded. Three year programme.
  • 1998. Behaviour and Territoriality of Spot-winged Thrush.
  • 2002. Ecology of Sri Lanka Blue Magpie
  • 2004. Ecology of Wetland – Anaivilundawa.
  • 2004. Studies on the distribution of Spot-billed Pelican
  • 2005 – onwards. National Bird Ringing Programme
  • 2005. Important Bird Areas Research Programme
  • 2007. Scarabid Beetle distribution as indicators of changing Landuse (Nagayo Research Grant – 2007 – 2010)
  • 2008 -Impact of birds on Wind farms – initial ecological surveys

Ongoing projects