Teaching History

  • During his period of Assistant lecturer, he had taught the subjects of Umoor e Tabayea, Ilmul Advia and Dawa Sazi, In his period of lecture probationary, he had delivered the lecture on Amraz e Ain, Anf, Uzn va Halq (Unani eye and ENT diseases) , after when he joined his masters, he was assigned to deliver Amraz e Niswan (Unani Gynecology) and Ilmul Atfal (Unani Pediatrics)

Teaching Areas

  • Undergraduate - Level V- Ilmul Atfal ( Unani Paediatrics , Level V- Amraz e Niswan ( Unani Gynecology) & Level I - Behavioral Science
  • Postgraduate - Ilmul Atfal ( Unani Paediatrics) & Amraz e Niswan ( Unani Gynecology)