• Undergraduate :Unani Clinical Medicine (Moalejat)
  • Undergraduate: Ussol e taskhees (Diagnostics and bed side examination)
  • Undergraduate: Kulliyat e Ilaj (Fundamental of Treatment) Hijama (cupping therapy) and Irsal e Alaq (leech therapy) Supervisor for under graduate research project Level IV
  • Postgraduate:Unani Clinical Medicine (Moalejat)
  • Postgraduate: Unani Surgery (Ilmul Jarahat)
  • Postgraduate: Supervisor of Postgraduate Diploma in Unani Medicine
  • Postgraduate: Unani Clinical Medicine (Moalejat)

Teaching History

Prof. MSM Shiffa joined the institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo in 2006 as a temporary demonstrator and was assigned in the department of Allied Sciences to teach and demonstrate Anatomy for 1 year. Then, he was appointed as a probationary lecturer in 2008 and taught the subjects of clinical medicine department. Since that he was teaching Unani Clinical medicine (Moalejat), Usool e taskhees (diagnostics and bed side examination), Kulliyat -e – Ilaj (fundamentals of treatment). 2014 onwards, he was assigned to teach Unani Ilmul Jarahat (Unani Surgery) subject along with clinical medicine subjects for three years. Now he is teaching clinical medicine subjects for fourth year and final year students especially rheumatology and fever. Meanwhile he was teaching many areas for the postgraduate students like Anatomy, Unani clinical medicine, Unani surgery, etc.