Research Interests

  • Mathematical Modeling

    Epidemiological Modeling/Infectious Modeling/Dengue Modeling

    Computational Biology

    Epidemiological Models application in Actuarial and Financial fields

    Optimization / Optimal Control/Fuzzy Logic based Modeling

PhD/MPhil Students and Projects (Completed)

  • NC Ganegoda PhD Project

    Mathematical Analysis of Parasite Dynamics of Lymphatic Filariasis using Range Modeling and other approaches in relation to observation data from Sri Lanka - joint supervision with Professor T.A. Tantrigoda, Department of Physics, University of Sri Jayawardenapura and Dr. S.K. Boralugoda, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo. Completed-2011.

    • PDD Gallage MPhil Project

      Mathematical Analysis and Optimal Control of Dynamics of Dengue Transmission. Completed-2015.

      • WPTM Wickramaarachchi PhD Project

        Developing Mathematical model to study Dynamics of Dengue epidemics and Controllability of Transmission of Dengue, HETC QIG W3 Postgraduate Grant (World Bank Grant). Completed-2015.

        • ITS Piyathilake PhD Project

          Developing and Validating a Mathematical Model to Quantify Air Quality, HETC QIG W3 Postgraduate Grant (World Bank Grant) - Joint supervision with Dr. S.K. Boralugoda, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo. Completed-2015.

          • LPS Rohitha PhD Project

            Degradation of Plastic Materials under Local Climate Conditions and Artificial Climate: A Modeling Approach - Joint supervision with Dr.MSB Prashantha, Department of Chemistry, University of Sri Jayawardhanapura. Completed-2016.

            • J Dissanayake PhD Project

              Growth and yield performance of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) towater deficit conditions: A mathematical modelling approach, NSF Grant - Joint Supervision with Dr. S. M. W. Ranwala, Department of Plant Science, University of Colombo, Prof. S. G. Mundree, Dr. B. Williams, Dr. M. L. Hoang, Queensland University of Technology, Australia - Completed-2017.

              • KDN Hewage MPhil Project

                Analysis and Predicting Lightning Data: A Mathematical Modelling Approach, Joint supervision with Dr SK Boralugoda, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo and Professor Vernon Cooray, Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden. Completed-2017.

              PhD/MPhil Students and Projects (Ongoing)

              • HOW Peiris PhD Project

                Development of a mathematical model for risk assessment of species during deliberate introduction to Sri Lanka- University of Colombo Research Grant - Joint Supervision with Dr (Mrs) SW Ranwala, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Colombo.

                • SD Perera PhD Project

                  Mathematical Modeling for Dynamics of Dengue Virus: A System Approach, University of Colombo Research Grant, Joint Supervision with Professor Saroj Jayasinghe, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Colombo, Prof. Neelika Malavige, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

                  • LP Ranasinghe MPhil Project

                    Introducing Controllable Techniques for Portfolio Optimization, Joint Supervision with Dr UP Liyanage, Department of Statistics & Computer Science, University of Kelaniya.

                    • KKWH Erandi MPhil Project

                      Modeling and Analysis of Optimal Strategies for the Control of
                      Dengue Transmission in Sri Lanka, NSF RPHS Grant - Joint supervision with Dr Anuradha Mahasinghe, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo.

                      • WAUK Weththasinghe MPhil Project

                        System Architecture Approach in Proactive Dengue Management
                        Based on Simulations, NSF RPHS Grant - Joint Supervision with Dr UP Liyanage,
                        Department of Statistics & Computer Science, University of Kelaniya.

                        • AMCH Attanayake MPhil Project

                          Model the Controllability of Transmission of Dengue: A
                          Distribution Approach, NSF RPHS Grant - Joint Supervision with Dr UP Liyanage,
                          Department of Statistics & Computer Science, University of Kelaniya.

                        M.Sc. Students and Projects (Completed)

                        • AMS Jayasuriya M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                          An Assessment of Real Option Valuation Techniques in the Context of Sri Lankan Capital Markets, (December 2014)-Completed.

                          • PMLK Karunaratne M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                            Dynamic Relationship between Crude Oil Price and Global Economic Growth: An Attempt to Forecast Crude Oil Price by Observing Movements of Global Commodity Prices and the Major Stock Indices,  (September 2014) Completed.

                            • FM Ashraff M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                              Finding the Optimal Reinsurance Retention Leave: For a Proportional Reinsurance Arrangement,  (September 2014) Completed.

                              • PSS Thiranagamage M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                                Defining an Evaluation Criteria for the Large Scale Complex Procurement: A Case Study Approach,  (July 2014) Completed.

                                • LDH Molligoda M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                                  Empirical Study of Real Exchange Rate Forecasting,  (July 2014) Completed.

                                  • TD Wijesinghe M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                                    An Economics Approach to Investigate the Relationship between Share Prices and Macroeconomic Variables,  (September 2013) Completed.

                                    • PAPL Arachchi M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                                      Study of Equity-Linked Life Insurance Contracts and its Simulation in Sri Lanka,  (June 2012) Completed.

                                      • NWVSC Surasinghe M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                                        Evaluation of Service Quality: Mathematical Modeling Approach,  (June 2012) Completed.

                                        • WAS Perera M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                                          Modeling the Price of a Credit Default Swap,  (June 2012) Completed.

                                          • AGKN Alupotha M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics

                                            Regression Model for Inflation in Sri Lanka using Factor Analysis,  (June 2012) Completed.