Supervised Projects

  • Vitamin A and iron status among pregnant mothers and their offspring in an urban area of Sri Lanka.

    Ms Miruna Sudharshani Kalaimani Rabindrakumar

    MPhil/PhD Degree, University of Colombo.

    In Progress:

    Principal Supervisor: Wickramasinghe VP

    Co Supervisor: Dr T. Thoradeniya

  • Longitudinal Measures of Body Composition of Healthy Infants and Young Children up to 2 Years of Age Using Stable Isotope Techniques’

    Dr NIshani Lucas

    MPhil/PhD Degree, University of Colombo

    In Progress:  Longitudinal Measures of Body Composition

    Principal Supervisor: Wickramasinghe VP

    Co Supervisor: Dr Pulani Lanerolle

  • Micronutrient status, diet, physical activity and body composition in primary school children in the Colombo municipal area.

    Ms. Thillan Kalaichelvi

    MPhil/PhD Degree, University of Colombo

    In Progress:

  • School-based physical activity intervention in 11-13 year-old adolescents

    Ms. Prasangi Dabare

    MPhil/PhD Degree, University of Colombo

    Dr Pulani Lanerolle is the first counterpart where I am the second counterpart to the grant

    I am the co supervisor along with Prof Rajitha Wickramasinghe and Dr Pulani Lanerolle being the Principal Supervisor

  • Obesogenic behaviours, their correlates and Cardio-metabolic risk among 11-13 year old school children in Colombo Municipal Council area

    Dr. Dulani  Samaranayake

    MPhil/PhD Degree, University of Colombo

    I am the Principal Supervisor along with Dr Pulani Lanerolle and Prof Rajitha Wickramasinghe being co supervisors

  • An analysis of socio-cultural factors affecting overweight/obesity of children aged 5-12 years in the Colombo district, Sri Lanka

    Ms Priyadarsahni Premarathne – MPhil Degree, University of Peradeniya. HD/MPhil/08/09/723

    Successfully completed:

    I was a co supervisor along with Prof Amarasiri de Silva (Peradeniya).

  • Biomarker and metabolomic profiles in children with metabolic syndrom

    Dr. HW Dilandi


  • Understanding the narratives of Sinhala speaking children in Sri Lanka

    Ms. Yasodha Hettiarachchi


  • Study of Movement Behaviours in the Early Years

    Dr. Prasad Chathurnagana


  • Effects of Vitamin E Supplementation on the clinical outcome of Dengue Fever (DF) and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Children

    PWP Chathurangana – Completed

  • Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency and its association with metabolic derangements among Obese Children and effects of supplementation on Obesity.

    Dr. Shayamini Adikaram – Completed

  • The role of probiotics in combination with dietary modification and physical exercise in the management of NAFLD/NASH in obese children

    Dr. Thurshara Rodrigo – In Progress

  • Comparison of the Effectiveness of Hypertonic Saline Nebulization Prior to Chest Physiotherapy over Conventional Physiotherapy in Children with Non CF Bronchiectasis – A Randomized Control Trial

    Dr. Anuradha Kodippili – In Progress

  • Risk factors for childhood obesity and overweight among 5-14 year-old children in an urban area of Sri Lanka

    Dr Suraj Fernando – In Progress

  • A descriptive study to evaluate the biochemical changes in dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever in children

    Dr. Grace A.M. Kularatnam – Completed

  • Association of serum uric acid and gamma glutamyltransferase with components of metabolic syndrome in obese children in a tertiary care centre

    Dr. DM Vidhanapathirana – Completed

  • Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Children and Evaluation of Associated Factors

    Dr. Lakmini Ginige –  Completed

  • Assessment of the validity of random urine protein-osmolality ratio, in estimation of proteinuria in children, and the use of Schwartz formula in determining glomerular filtration rate in children.

    Dr. HM Dilanthi –  Completed

  • Timing and pattern of growth faltering in children below 18 months of age in an urban population of Sri Lanka

    Dr. Kausala Sithamparapillai