Research & Grants

Research Interests

  • Longitudinal Infant Body Composition Assessment
  • Association of nutritional markers with NCD related metabolic derangements in a group of Sri Lankans: A cross-sectional study
  • Physical activity and Sedentary behaviour of children and its association to health in children
  • Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency and its association with metabolic derangements among Obese Children and effects of supplementation on Obesity
  • Role of Probiotics as a Therapeutic Option in management of metabolic derangements of children with obesity

Research Grants

  • Research grant from IRQUE project (University of Colombo) to conduct a research project on Assess the prevalence of Toxocariasis and its association with childhood asthma. 2006 Rs 150,000.00 (CI) (Completed)
  • Educational Grant to University of Colombo from Anchor Institute to conduct research non non-communicable disease risk in children in Colombo district 2008, SLR 0.5 million + BIA equipment worth of SLR 0.5 million. (PI) (Completed)
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) of Sri Lanka grant for a research project titled “Effects of Vitamin A and Iron supplementation during first 24 months of life in an urban area of Sri Lanka”. SLR 3.3 million. (PI) Grant Number: RG/2011/HS/14. This project has enabled a student to pursue for a research degree. (Ongoing)
  • National Research Council Grant for Rs 2.7 million to conduct a research project “Study on body fat and its relation to NCD related metabolic derangements along with their iron status in Sri Lankan children residing in Jaffna.” In collaboration with Dept of Paediatrics, University of Jaffna. Grant Number NRC 14-27. (CI) (Ongoing- final stages)
  • Educational grant from Negombo Lions club (Original grant from Lions Club of Sweden for the prevention of NCD) LKR 8.0 million for 2 years and 2 parts of the study. 1. Study of obesity and related NCD risk among 5-16 year old children in schools of Negombo education zone and intervention to prevent obesity related metabolic derangements. 2. Effects of metformin on body weight, composition and metabolic derangements in Obese Children. A Randomized Clinical Trial (CI) (Completed).
  • National Research Council Grant to conduct a research project ``Investigation into circulatory un-metabolized folic acid in folic acid supplemented pregnant women and their off spring`` Grant value LKR 4.0 million. Grant Number. NRC 15-36. (CI) (Ongoing)
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) of Sri Lanka grant for a research project titled “Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency and its association to metabolic derangements among Obese Children and effects of Vitamin D supplementation on Obesity”. Grant Value LKR 4.424 million, Grant No RG/2015/HS/09 (PI) (Ongoing- final stages)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency Grant for the research project titled “The doctoral Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on Longitudinal Assessment of Body Composition in healthy children 0 -24 months, fed according to the Infant and Young Child Feeding Guidelines in the Colombo District, Sri Lanka. IAEA Project No E43028. Reference Study contract (SRI 18559/R0) Sri Lanka. Grant value Euro 106,000.00. This project has enabled a student to pursue for a research degree (PI) (Ongoing)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency, Technical Cooperation grant to University of Colombo. IAEA Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation 2016-2017 Project: SRL/6/035 – “Reducing Cardio-metabolic Risk through Addressing Adolescent Health and Nutrition”. Grant value Euro 154000.00. This project has enabled two students to pursue for research degrees (Second counterpart) (Ongoing)
  • National Science Foundation grant to Establishment of a center of excellence and a research hub on diabetes and NCD epidemiology and a national research progrem on diabetes and non communcable disease epidemiology. Grant value LKR 10 million (first instalment of LKR 130 million). Grant Number RPHS/2016/DTM/01.
  • Sanofi Synthelabo (India) Pvt Ltd grant to University of Colombo for a Screening study on Gaucher disease in patients with splenomegaly in Sri Lanka. Grant value LKR 1.2 million. (PI) (Ongoing)
  • Takeda Vaccine Company Japan in collaboration with Ministry of Health to conduct a Phase III Clinical trial: Double Blind Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial to investigate the Efficacy Safety ad Immunogenecity of a Tertravalnet Dengue Vaccine. Sponsored by Takeda and local counterpart is Remedium International (One of the five PI). (On going).
  • UGC Grant on financial Assistance for Higher Studies scheme to University academics Awarded to Dr Ruvangi Dissananyake to follow her Research Degree. The role of modifier genes in clinical manifestations and treatment of transfusion dependent beta thalassaemia. Grant Value LKR 3.6 million. (On going)
  • National Nutrition Secretariat of Sri Lanka in collaboration with World Vision Lanka to conduct Longitudinal study on growth and morbidity experiences in infants and young children in Sri Lanka. (CI). (Planning)
  • Collaborative Research Project with University College London “Long-term effects of the Indian Ocean tsunami and Civil war in Sri Lankan adolescents.” Grant Value LKR 2.55 million. (On going)
  • Dr. Stella de Silva Research Fund 2018, Awarded by Sri Lanka College of Paediatrics - International Surveillance Study of Movement behaviours in the Early Years – Pilot study. In collaboration with Wollongong University, Australia. Grant Value LKR 300,000.00. (Completed)
  • WHO Searo APW(Agreement to Perform Work) on Assessment of commercial complementary foods in South East Asia; information from three countries towards the development of a Nutrient Profile Model for commercial complementary foods- Collection of data from Sri Lanka. US$ 8700.00. PI (Completed).
  • National Science Foundation, Research Scholarship Grant (no: NSF/SCH/2019/03). To Ms. MSK Rabindrakumar to complete the project titled, “Iron, vitamin A and folate status and the distribution and effects of un-metabolized folic acid among pregnant women and their offspring in an urban area of Sri Lanka” for 2019/20 to complete the PhD project. Grant Value LKR 1.92 million - CI- Supervisor (On going).