Atmospheric and Lightning Research Group


Research Activities

Atmospheric Electricity Research

  • Studies on air-earth conduction current density under fair-weather conditions
  • Measurement of atmospheric electricity parameters
  • Development of a mesoscale dispersion model for Sri Lanka


Thunderstorm Electricity and Lightning

  • Research Propagation effect on lightning generated electromagnetic fields
  • Studies on lightning generated EM field characteristics of tropical thunderstorms: With a view of providing a complete source of
    information to serve engineering needs
  • Measurement of lightning generated electromagnetic fields over the sea
  • Correlation between lightning and rainfall
  • Experimental and numerical study of protective components in a modern environment
  • Characteristics of electrical discharges with special attention to optical radiation


Implementation of a Lighting Location System for Sri Lanka

  • ¬†Lightning density maps
  • Characteristicsof cloud-to-ground lightning discharges

Financial Support

  • International Science Programs (ISP), Uppsala University, Sweden
  • National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka
  • University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Research Links and Collaborations


  • Meteorology, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Division of Lightning and Electric Research, Uppsala University, Sweden


  • Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka
  • Tea Research Institute, Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Standards Institution, Sri Lanka
  • Industrial Technology Institute (ITI)