Research Interests

  • Optical instrumentation (Optical spectroscopy and multispectral imaging)
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Machine learning (Multispectral imaging)
  • Embedded systems

Ongoing projects

  • PhD student – Mr. P D C Kumara – Engineering Applications of Solar Thermal Energy
  • MPhil student – Mr. S K K Suraweera – Development of a Parabolic Trough Type Solar Thermal Energy Concentrator
  • MPhil student – Mrs. Wathsala Udeshi – Optical Detection of Chlorophyll
  • MPhil student – Mr. M P S Viraj – Development of a thermal energy storage system

Research Grants

  • AHEAD Development Orient Grant for Development of a Raman spectroscopy facility for biofluid based disease diagnostics with an application for early stage detection of CKD 2019
  • Collaborative research grant, University of Colombo 2016 for Development of methodologies for the quantificative analysis of medical images for the early stage detection of chronic kidney disease
  • Collaborative research grant, University of Colombo 2012 for Construction and evaluation of a linear parabolic trough solar concentrator (PTC), and optimization of the system for industrial and domestic applications