2018    Faculty award for excellence in academic outreach

2015    Presidential awards for scientific research, Sri Lanka

2013    SUSRED award, National Science Foundation for supervision of postgraduate research degree

2008    Presidential awards for scientific research, Sri Lanka

2004    Post-Doctoral research fellowship, Carl Tryggers fellowship program, Sweden

2003    The best poster presentation award, Indian Photobiology Society, India.

2000    PhD fellowship award, (ICGEB) Trieste, Italy

1996    Prof B.L.T.de Silva memorial prize in Botany 1996 (prize for the best perfor- mance in special degree program), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

1994    Department of Botany staff prize (The highest score in Botany in the first two years examinations among those reading for a special degree programme), University of  Colombo, Sri Lanka


1.University of Colombo Research Grants (2018)

itle: Over-expression of Salt Tolerance Homolog 2 (STH2) gene in Bg 250 Sri Lankan rice variety to develop salinity and drought resistance rice

2. Swedish Research Link collaborative research Grant (2018)

Title: Biodiversity and chemodiversity of Sri Lankan marine sponge:an opportunity to explore new pharmaceutical applications

3. NSF grant RG/2014/BT/02 (2014)

Title: Screening, isolation and characterization of type II restriction enzymes from bacteria isolated from different regions of Sri Lanka

4. Swedish Research Link collaborative research Grant (2014)

Title: Discovery of bioactive compunds with potential pharmaceutical applications from Sri Lankan medicinal plants

5. University of Colombo Research Grants (2012)

Title: Development of RNA guided gene expression regulation assay in transgenic tomato plants to Interfere root knot nematode parasitism gene

6.NSF grant RG/ 2007/ BT09 (2007)

Titel: Light regulated development in plant- translational research in Rice (Oryza sativa)

7. SASNET planning Grant –Sweden (2006)