Research Interests


    • My main research interest is on light and abiotic stress signaling pathway and developemnt of transgenic plants.   During my postdoc, I studied a group of Arabidopsis proteins (STO, STH, STH2 & STH3) that were identified through their interactions with two key regulators of light signaling, COP1 and HY5. Also The Arabidopsis plants with mutations in the STH2 gene showed hypersensitivity to Abscisic acid (ABA), a drought and salt stress regulating hormone, and to NaCl in germination and root growth assay. Furthermore, the expression of several key regulators of ABA signaling was altered in the sth2 mutant indicating that the STH2 gene plays an important role in response to drought and salinity. Hence, applying this knowledge gained from  Arabidospsis on rice could be  a worth effort to obtain drought and salinity  tolerance Sri Lankan rice varieties.
    • Production of recombinant industrial enzymes
    • Natural Product Chemistry – screening of medicinal plants and marine sponges to check their potential to develop antimicrobial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Investigation of the possibility of using FITC-doped silica nanoparticles as a biosensor for bacterial detection

Graduate Supervision

  • M.Phil research project titled “Light regulated development in plants- translation-al research in Oryza sativa”. (2012) RMLK Rathnayaka, Completed.
  • M.Sc research project titled “In vitro plant regeneration by organogenesis on cal-lus Induced from mature embryos of Bg-360 Sri-Lankan rice Variety and cloning of STH2 gene to transform Bg-360, (2009) R.M.L.K.Rathnayake; Completed
  • M.Sc. research project titled “ Synthesis of the novel type of 4 phenyl -1- (2- phenylallyl) pyridinium bromide as an antibacterial agent”.(2010), R.N.Jayathissa. Completed.
  • M.Sc. research project titled “Characterization and quantification of polyphenloic compounds in refused tea”. (2011) K.N.Kodagoda, Completed
  • M.Sc. research titled “Callus induction, plant regeneration and Agrobacterium mediated transformation of Bg 250 Sri Lankan rice variety”.(2011) P.U.Abeyawicrama. Completed
  • M.Sc. research titled “ Development of high performance liquid chromatography assay methods for cetirizine and loratadine in syrups”. (2011) A.F.Mashoora, Completed
  • M.Sc. research project titled “Environmental thresholds for phosphorus saturation in Rambutan cultivation area Dompe in Gampaha District” (2012). V.K.Peris, Completed
  • M.Sc research project titled “ Synthesis of the novel type of phenyl acridine and pyridine derivatives as an antifungal agent” (2012). I.N.D. Warnakulasuriya, Completed
  • M.Sc research project titled “Investigation of antimicrobial properties of a selected pteridophyte species, (2014) Ms. S.M.L.D. Nilanthi, Completed
  • M.Sc research project titled “Ethanopharmacological screening of plants in fami ly Rubiaceae”. (2014) Ms.U.C. Jayasundara; Completed
  • M.Sc in project titled “Investigation of antimicrobial properties of Lygodium mi crophyllum” (2014) Ms. T. D. de Silva, Completed
  • M.Sc project titled. “Isolation of bioactive compounds from endophytic fungi of Crot alaria verrucosa” M D Wakwell (2016). Completed
  • M.Sc research project titled “Antimicrobial screening of medicinal plants in family Fabaceae”. R A D B Randeniya. (2017) Completed