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Values and Diversity of Organizational Work Ethicality

Refereed Journal articles
Senadheera, G.D.V.R., and H. D. Karunaratn
Publication year: 2019

The Role of Market Orientation in the Performance of Born Global Firms

Refereed Journal articles
Herath H. M. T. S., and H.D. Karunaratne
Publication year: 2018

Cricket as an International Business: What can Sri Lanka Learn from Indian Primer League (IPL)

Wijewardena, A.G.C.S., and H. D. Karunaratne
Publication year: 2017

The Impact of ISFTA on Exporters in Sri Lanka

Domestic Academic Conferences
Wijewardena, P., and H.D. Karunaratne
Publication year: 2016