Supervised Projects

  • BSc in Molecular and Integrative Molecular Biology (Special), 2022

    Levels of serum vitamin D and selected cytokines as potential prognostic markers of acute ischaemic stroke – Ms Nirmali Samarakoon

  • PhD, University of Colombo, 2020

    Effect of meditation on central and peripheral neurophysiological parameters in health and on selected clinical outcomes of Parkinson disease and epilepsy – Dr Kumarangie Vithanage

  • MPhil, University of Colombo, 2017

    Viral aetiologies of acute encephalitis in a hospital-based population in Sri Lanka – Ms Janarthani Lohitharajah

  • PhD, University of Colombo, 2017

    Prevalence and associated factors of snake bite and subsequent disabilities among rural residents in the district of Ampara- Ms S Jayawardana

  • BSc in Molecular and Integrative Molecular Biology (Special), 2017

    Immunologic markers in the progression of Parkinson disease - Ms Dilini Ratnayake

  • PhD, University of Colombo, 2015

    Developing a knee osteoarthritis flare risk calculator tool and its validation in a Sri Lankan Cohort – Dr Inoshi Atukorala

  • PhD, University of Colombo, 2010

    Developing and validating a language assessment tool to diagnose aphasia in a Sri Lankan Sinhala speaking context - Ms Saumya Ratnayake.