Research & Grants

Research Interests

  • Neuroimmunology
  • Neuroinfections

Research Grants

  • ASN Research Grant (ASN/2023/04/02/01): Supervisor of study on the role of cytokine mediated inflammation in febrile seizures (BSc).
  • AHEAD Grant No. 81 (2020): Supervisor of PhD study on effect of meditation on central and peripheral neurophysiological parameters in health and on selected clinical outcomes of Parkinson disease and epilepsy.
  • ASN Research Grant (2018): Study on autoimmune encephalitis and neuromyelitis optica among Sri Lankan patients.
  • University of Colombo – funding for inter-faculty research (2017): Supervisor of Immunologic markers in the progression of Parkinson disease (BSc).
  • UGC/DRIC/PG/2014MAY/CMB (2015): Supervisor of PhD study on developing a knee osteoarthritis flare risk calculator tool and its validation in a Sri Lankan Cohort.
  • HETC/QIG/ W3, Grant No 2.2.3 (2013) and University Research Grant No.AP/3/2/2015/PG/06 (2015): Supervisor of PhD study on prevalence and associated factors of snake bite and subsequent disabilities among rural residents in the district of Ampara.
  • NRC Grant 11-075 (2011): Study on viral aetiologies of acute encephalitis in a hospital-based population in Sri Lanka (MPhil).
  • SLMA Research Grant (2009): Study on knowledge of stroke, its warning symptoms, risk factors and treatment among the general public and general practitioners in Sri Lanka.